Friday, April 13, 2007

Chocolate Chip Cookies

As you know I work for restaurant as a pastry chef. Do you know most of chefs and pastry chefs don't cook or bake at home so often? Yes, it's true! I cook almost everyday but I don't make dessert at home much. Just like regular chefs.

My husband is not a big sweet tooth person but he asks me to make simple dessert just like cookies and brownies sometimes. He told me that he didn't eat sweets much when he was young so do I. I like sweets but my after school snacks were vegetables such as fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet potatoes because my grandma grew those vegetables in the back yard and she fed me and my sisters always.

I have been busy for a while specially for big easter weekend came a week ago. So I didn't have enough communications with my husband. So I decided to make the chocolate chip cookies for him because he requested me to make for a while..

I got a great recipe from Kansan who is my blog friend in LA and she got it from NEIMAN MARCUS's web site and her husband(who kept recipe for long time). She tried two different recipes and tasted.
That recipe has an interesting story!
A customer liked the chocolate chip cookies at Neiman Marcus Cafe so she asked server for getting that recipe. A server's answer was NO first time but she got that delicious cookie recipe after negotiation. A story is not finished. She got a bill from them and charged $250 for that recipe. Of course she wasn't expecting that much money so she called them to return that recipe and giving back her money but it didn't work.
So that customer wrote and copy that story with recipe and send to friends.
I don't know that is true story or not but $250 is too expensive for recipe! I know that's signature recipe but still too much money...

I tried a recipe from NEIMAN MARCUS's web site one.
It's a very simple cookie recipe but nice and moist because of brown sugar and butter combinations. It was easy but not getting color so I baked a little longer than recipe. A half of cookies were a little too much baked because my tricky oven... they turned to crispy but another half were perfect! It was a nice and sweet smell in my house and my husband came to the kitchen and stand beside me to get warm cookies. It was very nice even crispy cookies too. So delicious!
I wrapped small packages and sent my friends. Hope they liked my cookies. I like eat cookies with fresh brewed black coffee or ice cream sandwiches. I always keep the vanilla ice cream in my freezer so I made several ice cream sandwiches for later so he will be happy!
This simple dessert makes everyone's smile. Of course great compliment from everybody! I can't make two different kind of mousse torte like cake shop but I can definitely make cookies and ice cream sandwiches at home.
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caryn said...

domo domo! just dropping by! i was looking for a recipe for cholocate chip cookies and found your site. have a nice day!