Friday, March 30, 2007

Osso Bucco

I made Osso Bucco last night. It was my first time to make but it came just like restaurant's meal. What is Osso Bucco? Italian said Ossobucco alla milanese which is Braised veal shank from Milano in Italy. It usually comes with gremolata which is a mixture of garlic, Italian parsley and citrus zest.

I got 4 Osso Bucco from the meat shop. A shop guy asked me to him to cut those shanks into half but I said NO THANKS. That made a bad decision for me and I had a hard time to crack bones into half. Unfortunately, I gave up to cut so I cooked the whole shanks damp into my big Le Creuset pot.

Process for making Osso Bucco is very simple. It just needs a time for braising about 2hours.
I used recipe from my favorite recipe site and followed her recipe. I saw making Osso Bucco at my present work and former works. They used red wine for braising but her recipe was used white wine instead of red wine. Wine is different, taste is different! Taste more light and color was different but meat are tender and it was big success! Also gremolata made a nice refreshing flavor for braising meat.

In the restaurant, they serve Osso Bucco with creamy polenta so I wanted to make. But I couldn't get polenta from several stores in my neighborhood so I used corn meal and made corn mash. (I thought both are pretty similar. )I was bit confused about corn mash and grits.... Oh, my god! It got lumps everywhere and didn't go away even I used whisk. I was realized using grits process which is boil water first then add grits. I saw package and it showed water and corn meal together in beginning! It was a big mistake but my husband didn't care about it and ate it all. Thanks!

I learned several things from this cooking, specially bone and corn mash things. It was a hearty delicious dinner both of us and I definitely make it again!

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