Saturday, March 24, 2007

Australian Wine Makers Dinner

I've been working as a pastry chef at the private country club since last month. I'm still new and need to figure out their events and occasions. We have the banquet events every weekend so many people come to the club. Everyone is expecting the great dinner and dessert.
Here they are! We served a delicious dinner for our wine makers dinner last Wednesday.
I made Apricot Souffle with Almond Ice Cream for their final. They were pairing with Australian Sparkling wine. I got this souffle recipe from Sou Chef's cook book. It takes time to process because we used dried apricots and make them soft and puree. But it's very easy after that process. Here is a recipe!

Individual Apricot Souffle
10 servings

1 1/2c water
1c dried apricot
1/2c sugar

Bring a gentle simmer, cover tightly cook for 20minutes.
Let cool for 30minutes and make puree in a blender with 1TBS lemon juice until smooth and creamy puree.

Beat 5 egg whites ( room temp), add 1/4tsp creme of tartar until soft peak.
Gradually beat in 1/4c sugar and make stiff meringue.

Add meringue into apricot puree and pour into buttered and sugar ramekins.
bake at 325 for 10min.
Serve immediately!


kuri said...

Ok, now I know what it is behind the souffle, almond ice cream!
Mmmm, looks yummy!!

I wonder what the green pancake-ish thing is...
Is it a pancake made by green peas?

Chico said...

Hi Kuri,

Thanks for your comment.
Yes, the behind of souffle is almond ice cream and orange tuile. Almond and apricot are great combinations, do you know?
Tuile is thin cookie made by orange juice, zest, butter and sugar. It's nice garnish and people love it because it's nice and crunchy!

Chico said...

Hi again Kiri,
I forgot to answer your question about green thing.
Yes, it's the English pea pancakes with seared Foie Gras. Foie Gras was between two pancakes. Unfortunately you can't see....
Anyway nice color, isn't it?