Sunday, May 20, 2007

Baby Shower Cake

Since I saw this cute idea for baby shower's cake from someone's picture on the net, I really wanted to make for someone. Finally a chance came to me! I got an order from our client lady who was planning for her daughter's baby shower. Her pregnancy daughter is expecting twin babies who are boy and girl. I can't imagine to have twin babies... sounds like little bit scary to me. But actually my grandma is one of twin so I'm sure I have a gene for getting twins...

Talking about my cakes, the party was 12 people so I used three 9" and one 6" cake molds to bake vanilla sponge cakes. I knew that's too much for only 12 people but I wanted make cake prettier so I just did it. (Actually I cut into small wheals, handle and cover so I really needed that much sponge cakes...extra pieces were gone to staff's stomaches!)

She requested me lemon flavor and raspberry so I filled with lite lemon mousse and fresh raspberries. Coated with lemon icing and piped cute pink and blue like flowers image for baby boy and girl. Oh yes, I set up cakes like stroller. It was a big hit! People around me liked my cake. Specially a banquet manager liked this cake so much and she asked me a possibilities to sell more cakes like this in near future. Sounds very interesting to me but I can't because I have too much work now and I don't want to have less time to make these creations. (It takes time more than I thought...)

Later on, I met a lady who is a member of our club and she told me my cake was so good and so pretty. Nice to hear anything like that! I think I got some clients for my future business.

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Koekkener said...

What an awesome article. Its yummy!!!! I love cakes and it makes me hungry. Thank you for sharing.