Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

I've just finished Mother's Day brunch for 460 people last Sunday. I wasn't expected that much banquets I have in my work and need to make lots and lots of desserts for them. I heard from April to June are most busiest season for the country club. The weather makes people come to play golf or do all kind of events. Of course wedding season is in June! Fortunately, I don't need to make the wedding cakes so that makes little bit my stress off. But still I have parties and upcoming events every day.

Well, a great season has the great vegetables and fruits! Here rhubarb is one of my favorite unique vegetable. I never had and cooked before so my first time to cook Rhubarb was compote at the cooking school in London. Actually I didn't like it because too much fibers and tastes so sour. I thought my teacher gave me wrong recipe? Who knows! Well, I knew that rhubarb and strawberry are great combinations since I moved to California. Here is the best combinations spring dessert "Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp" which I made for regular dinning service in weekend for few weeks.

At the beginning, I didn't cook rhubarb before I put into oven with crumble so it was bit uncooked in the center and I found it out later(actually I gave my boss and his wife was complained about it!). Yes, rhubarb needs more time for cooking than strawberries. So I cooked rhubarb, sugar and lemon juice for about 10min on the stove then transfer to ramekins and mix with strawberries and put crumble on the top. I think that makes them cook faster and cook all way through so less time and no worry about uncooked rhubarb pieces. Much better crisp I made than before!
I adapted crisp topping recipe from my favorite Claudia Freming's dessert book "The Last Course". I arranged sugar amount and spice but this is my favorite crisp topping always.


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I recommended this blog to my husband and parents in law.
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Thank you for your comment. I started this blog for my family specially my in-laws in Georgia.Hope your husband and in-laws like my blog.
My English isn't perfect but I try my best!

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