Monday, May 21, 2007

Creme Caramel

It's a popular dessert which I made for customers last week end. That's very strange because some people called "Creme Caramel" but some people called "Custard", also some people called "Flan" but these three are same things.

We call "Pudding" in Japan and the most popular dessert for everybody from baby to adult. It's just simple ingredients and method which makes a delicious custard. The main ingredients are eggs, milk and sugar. Just egg and 1/2 amount of sugar mix together and add warm milk with 1/2 amount of sugar. Stir and strain once or twice then pour into ramekins and bake with steam. Some people use steamer on the stove but some people use the oven with Bain Marie(water bath)covered with a piece of aluminum foil. Ether one is OK but I recommend to use steamer for home and oven for commercial, just easy way to use steamer for home bakers because NO worry for moving the pan with hot water so.

Today's my Creme Caramel tastes pretty good but too rich for me because I used half cream + half milk and egg yolks+whole eggs. Since long time, my Creme Caramel is always used regular milk(Don't use fat free or less fat!) and whole eggs not yolks. I learned a delicious Creme Caramel when I worked for the pastry shop in Japan but I totally forgot that recipe.... Well, I will definitely try again with regular milk and whole eggs to make "Japanese Creme Caramel".

Oh, I just remember about "Pudding a la Mode" which is also popular pudding dessert in Japan since when I was a child. Just decorated with whipped cream and topped with melon, tangerine and pineapple pieces on the pudding.

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